“Empty Nest” Official Video

February 14, 2023

We’re excited to share the official video for our new single “Empty Nest.” You can watch the new video now HERE or below and stream “Empty Nest” everywhere HERE

Physical Thrills is out now! Listen now and get vinyl from your local record shop HERE.

Nikki crushed it. It was pretty put together right away. Just like I knew talk box was going to be something, I knew I wanted the song to just be tremolo-palooza, just like tremolo, tremolo, tremolo guitar the whole way with a real backbeat drum. No geometry in this one; just chug and hear these weird words. Nikki did so great, and I was so happy. Nikki was excited about doing that one in particular again, because it’s a bigger song, just in terms of its sound.

Bri was so supportive of me taking the lead vocal on this song. I was intimidated because I didn’t know if my voice was strong enough, but I’m so happy I didn’t let my fears take over.