“Hidden Moon” Official Video 

November 4, 2022

We’re excited to share the official video for “Hidden Moon” from our new album Physical Thrills! You can watch the video HERE or below. 

Physical Thrills is out now! Listen now and get vinyl from your local record shop HERE.  

I really like this kind of parsed out riff. I mean, it’s so riffy. So, I just started playing it over and over, and we were messing with tones and all the little things came into shape pretty quickly. But I remember the fun part about it was it seemed so fundamental. In our heads, Side A ends on “Alone on a Hill” and then Side B starts with “Hidden Moon.” It’s cranky and angular, and there’s finger tapping and weird things, and we wanted to feel like a new shift. The new phase of the record you’re going into. 

The ending of the song has what we call Butch’s bag of percussion. He just brings out this bag from his closet. I said, “Here’s this little bridge. It’s not going to be a bridge. It’s going to be a musical break, just going to be drums, and I’m going to use every one of these things, and we’re just going to make bell sounds and weird things.” 

I wanted it to feel like a break, like the way, when I was a kid in the ’80s, records had breaks or early hip-hop had breaks. I wanted to just have like a break with drums, and the thing at the end that sounds digital because it’s just me playing a drumstick on Butch’s Grammy.