New Album Physical Thrills Out August 19, Listen to “Scared Together” Now! 

July 11, 2022

We’re so thrilled to announce that our sixth studio album Physical Thrills will be out on August 19th via our label New Machine Recordings, and our new single “Scared Together” is out now!

Physical Thrills is available for pre-order HERE, which includes signed exclusive blue vinyl with a beautiful iridescent gatefold, plus more limited items through the SSPU Shop. You can also pre-save Physical Thrills on your favorite streaming service HERE.

Listen to “Scared Together” everywhere HERE and watch the official video below or HERE.

This record is alive. No, I haven’t completely lost it….yet. It sits somewhere in between a collection of songs and an imaginary friend. A friend that from March of 2020 to April of 2021 would not only introduce itself to me, but keep me company through that time of intense isolation. A friend that would remind me that in this instance, the whole world was feeling the same way as well. A comforting, playful, sometimes frightened, often delighted friend. A friend that was finally introduced to Butch Vig, once we got vaccinated, and blew through his studio like a tornado made of cotton candy, leaving little pieces of residue everywhere. But most importantly, this friend REALLY doesn’t give a fuck. I know. That sounds brash. I just mean it’s a thing that is truly free. And now, this little living head space no longer visits me. I visit it through this album. I hope you like it. My friend wouldn’t care. Little rascal…_b

You never know what can bring two people together. Sometimes it’s something light and comfy. Sometimes it’s a shared love of some kind of totem or idol that is dear. Other times, it’s something a little more dreadful. But whatever works I say. To each their own. This song is about becoming close and intimate with someone through hardship. Being thrown into something quite frightening brings out some shared qualities that connect them…_b

Artwork by Lawrence Azerrad. Produced by Butch Vig.

1. Stillness (Way Beyond)
2. Sticks And Stones
3. Hereafter (Way After)
4. Dream At Tempo 050
5. Scared Together
6. Alone On A Hill
7. Hidden Moon
8. System Error
9. Empty Nest
10. Dream At Tempo 310
11. We Won’t Come Out
12. Stay Down (Way Down)
13. Quicksand
14. Dream At Tempo 150



The clock froze around midnight
I can feel it in the room
It’s gonna be that kind of moon (new moon)
Hanging onto the spotlight
Blowing holes in the dark
It took forever and a day to miss the mark

Clouds rolling over sunlight
It’s no fun for the young
Can they just at least see someone (anyone)
Thawing out from the frostbite
Such a feast for the eyes
May I have this dance before we dry

You wanna swim with the alligator
Take a seat near the imitator
Is it a year or a minute later
We’re so much better when we’re scared together

Crossing off all the highlights
That are eating at my mind
It was a beautiful design (redesign)
Take hold of the rewind
Fast forward to the end
When done you’ve begun to begin again

Free falling in the elevator
An imitation of the instigator
Flowers bloom when it’s now or never
We’re so much better when we’re scared together

We’re so much better when we’re scared together

This breathing room
We made it better
A change so soon
We made it so much better
A day anew
And now or never
A chance to bloom
Better forever

You wanna swim with the alligator
You wanna swing with the instigator
Is it a year or a minute later
We’re so much better when we’re scared together

We’re so much better when we’re scared together