New album Physical Thrills Out Now!

August 19, 2022

Our sixth studio album Physical Thrills is out now via our label New Machine Recordings! Listen everywhere HERE.

Get Physical Thrills vinyl, CD, signed artwork press sheets, and merch at the Official SSPU Shop HERE. You can also grab a copy of Physical Thrills on violet vinyl at your local record shop HERE or on orange vinyl at Barnes & Noble HERE.

All of our records are designed for people who want to listen to them all the way through and hopefully stick around with it. After a while, maybe you’ll catch on to the little things—not just the pattern of the dream songs, but maybe you’ll hear that, and you’ll hear a melody from the first song in the last song. There are crossover things happening…_b 


  1. Stillness (Way Beyond)
  2. Sticks And Stones
  3. Hereafter (Way After)
  4. Dream At Tempo 050
  5. Scared Together
  6. Alone On A Hill
  7. Hidden Moon
  8. System Error
  9. Empty Nest
  10. Dream At Tempo 310
  11. We Won’t Come Out
  12. Stay Down (Way Down)
  13. Quicksand
  14. Dream At Tempo 150

Artwork by Lawrence Azerrad.
Produced by Butch Vig.
This album is dedicated to teachers.