“Sticks and Stones” Official Video 

April 12, 2023

We’re excited to share the official video for “Sticks and Stones” from our latest album Physical Thrills! You can watch the video HERE or below. 

Listen to Physical Thrills now and get vinyl from your local record shop HERE

That was the first song that I played for the band, the one that just kept coming out of me. I have really fond memories about playing that song by myself, with these little solos and breakdowns. All of it just came out pretty quickly. When I hear that song, it sounds to me like I’m enjoying this time alone. You’re not going to come in and stop this. We’re in our little hole. And you know what? We’re fine. Leave us alone. That’s what that song is about to me. We’re fine, go on about your business. Don’t take me. I won’t go.